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Economic Development

Access to broadband and the ability to use broadband-enabled technologies are essentially table stakes in the business environment. From freelancers to local franchises to large corporations, the ability to connect quickly and seamlessly is vital.

Broadband can:

•   Support entrepreneurship and small business growth
•   Expand access to jobs and training at the local level
    and beyond 
•   Strengthen community development efforts
•   Fortify the competitive position of regions and 

    communities, attracting new companies,
    investments and jobs


Moreover, broadband has the capacity to evolve with Virginia’s business community. It is estimated that two-thirds of Virginia’s roads will be at or above capacity by 2035. With rising demand from employees and increased logistical issues like traffic congestion to consider, telecommuting also is expected to expand across the state. Broadband offers the infrastructure, speed and security to support this growing need.

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