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NCTA: Industry Donating $100 Million of COVID-19 PSA Ad Time, Space

NCTA-The Internet & Television Association said its members have committed to provide over $100 million worth of public service ads through June to help educate the public about the COVID-19 pandemic and how to curtail the virus' spread.

That figure is based on the total value of time donated and use of PSA material on digital and social media properties.

That includes time donated to the Ad Council and Red Cross initiatives.

“TV programming companies and distributors are playing a critical role in reaching consumers with information, education, and insight during the pandemic,” said NCTA president Michael Powell. “As Americans connect via our broadband networks, and stay entertained and educated through cable TV programming, our companies are on the front lines of helping consumers deal with this extraordinary time in our history. We hope that our member companies can help Americans in this time of need while our nation moves towards a return to prosperity.”

That goes far beyond donated ad slots. ISPs are opening WiFi hotspots, offering free service to low-income residents, wiring hospital ships for broadband, suspending data overage charges and more.


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