Stable Climate for Business

Cable companies, like many businesses, want a regulatory environment to be narrow and to encourage equitable competition. When deciding how to maximize capital investment, cable systems located in states with stable business and regulatory environments are trusted investments. This includes a stable political climate as well. The Commonwealth must avoid excessive and unnecessary regulations that impede innovation and competitiveness. A stable business climate spurs investment, deployment and job creation.

Policies that Support a Stable Business Climate

  • Low Taxes

  • Streamlined Permitting Process

  • Light Regulatory Policies

  • Fair Competition Policies

  • Just & Reasonable Pole Attachment rates

  • Subsidies directed solely to unserved areas

  • Ensure access to Rights of Way (ROW)

  • Support laws to prevent theft of service

  • Technology neutral taxes

  • Competitively bid state contracts

  • Coordination of overlapping state agencies

  • Conduit coordination – Joint trenching

Broadband is becoming a prerequisite to economic opportunity for individuals, small businesses and communities. Those without broadband or the skills to use broadband-enabled technologies are becoming more isolated from the modern American economy.

Broadband can expand access to jobs and training, support entrepreneurship and small business growth and strengthen community development efforts.


Businesses need to be sure that regulations will be kept at a minimum and the free market of competition is valued. If regulations or taxes are assessed, they should be minimum, technology neutral and applied on a level playing field to all providers to ensure fair competition. The telecommunications industry is very competitive in Virginia. Therefore, it is imperative that all are treated equitably. The industry also encounters lengthy and at times cumbersome permitting processes spanning many state agencies.  Policies to streamline or reduce duplication of efforts by state agencies are strongly supported by the cable telecommunications industry. Lower taxes frees up capital to invest in maintaining and upgrading cable systems, which creates more jobs for Virginians. A stable business climate ensures continued investment and innovation.

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