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In the 21st century, our ability to access the internet plays a significant role in how we live, work and play. Virginia’s cable industry is proud to connect our digital lives.


Broadband Association of Virginia (VCTA) members provide high-speed broadband connections to households and businesses of all sizes, educational institutions, hospitals, data centers, nonprofit organizations and many of Virginia’s government and military facilities. 

We’re proud that Virginia is a leader in worldwide peak broadband speeds.

But, the need to connect continues. Our members work every day to expand broadband access for unserved populations in urban, suburban and rural areas of the Commonwealth. We build responsible, sustainable additions to Virginia’s fiber optic cable network – making our own investments and using existing infrastructure.


It Makes Us Smarter 

With broadband access, Virginians gain more options and resources to expand educational opportunities – at all stages of life.

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Dial 811 in Virginia or 

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"How will we use technology that has not been invented to solve problems that don’t exist yet? We produce The Near Future films to inspire innovators to create technologies and experiences supported by the broadband network. We wake up every day to invent the future and through our innovation ecosystem, deliver these technologies that make environments more creative, collaborative, personal and improve lives." - CableLabs

Virginia's Future Leaders Scholarship Program

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1111 East Main Street, Suite 802

Richmond, Virginia 23219


Call Before You Dig

Dial 811 in Virginia or 

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