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Broadband Association of Virginia 

Created in 1966, much like the industry we represent, the (VCTA) - Broadband Association of Virginia has transformed how we represent our association members in front of Government Officials and Staff. In the 21st century, our ability to access the internet plays a significant role in how we live, work and play. Virginia’s broadband industry is proud to connect our digital lives.

VCTA members provide high-speed internet connections to households and businesses of all sizes, educational institutions, hospitals, data centers, nonprofit organizations and many of Virginia’s government and military facilities. ​We are proud that Virginia is a leader in worldwide peak broadband speeds.

But, the need to connect continues. Our members work every day to expand broadband access for unserved populations in urban, suburban and rural areas of the Commonwealth. We build responsible, sustainable additions to Virginia’s fiber optic cable network – making our own investments and using existing infrastructure.

VCTA represents the interest of our members in front of the General Assembly, the Executive Branch, and Agencies - lobbying legislators, agency heads, and staff on our legislative and budget priorities.

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Ray LaMura

Kimberly Voxland
Sr. Director Public Affairs & Operations

Tristan Macdonald
Director Government Affairs

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